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Spect0l is simply a nom de plume for Lawrence Eaton, an Englishman who lives in Connecticut and enjoys the use of and the conveying of how to use complex computer applications to any and all.

On most days you will find him asking those awkward questions that software companies don’t really want to answer and translating the ‘geek’-speak into something that is more palatable for the man on the No. 9 bus.

Other than that, he’s a keen coach and umpire of Field Hockey and father of two.

Please remember, that I’m human too – when you are contemplating writing your comments.

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  1. New2Bentley permalink

    Hey there!

    Can you do a post, or reply privately, about how to put a simple hip roof on building? I can’t figure it out for the life of me. Always get something like “not a valid shape” or something. Anyway, brandnew to Bentley, been using Autodesk products (self taught) successfully for a number of years.


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