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Parametric Frame Builder; part I An Introduction

by Lawrence on December 20th, 2010


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Lawrence Eaton exposes and explains Bentley Architecture v8i’s unsung hero of parametric content creation – Parametric Frame Builder.

Learn about the different parts of the interface, its use and how to begin the preparation to constructing your own doors and windows in a fast efficient and completely parametric way.

  1. a great start to show a very under utilised utility in Bentley Architecture. This is still a go-to tool to create Frame based items like doors and windows (and casework, too!)

    It’s nice that you actually have fun and aren’t stuffy in your podcasts, Lawrence! You actually area “speaking” to the “crowd”

    I look forward to the series so others can learn how this tool works.

  2. Una permalink

    Thank you for these interesting podcasts. They have helped me a great deal. I listen with a big smile on my face and think “I would pay some money to see this podcast as a stand-up”.
    I would like to ask you one question though. Is it not possible to save my window into a catalog so that when I press “place window” I will be able to find it amongst other typical windows in my catalog? I use Datagroup Catalog editor to modify my windows and doors but the link between Parametric Fram Builder and this catalog seems to be lost to me. Can you assist?
    If not, then it seems like I will alwyas have to open PFB to insert my window.
    All the best,

    • Lawrence permalink


      Did my reply make any sense to you or would you like me to record something that may well help you?



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